NetSquared Organizer Surveys

The page collects the NetSquared organizer surveys together.

This baseline survey of NetSquared organizers should be repeated frequently (at least once a year). The goal is to take the temperature of the community and get a sense of how organizers are doing. We want to identify what is working and what could be improved.

Additional questions can be added to each iteration to explore particular issues or areas of focus, but the baseline questions should remain for comparison’s sake.


Distribute spring 2018

How likely is it that you would recommend being a NetSquared organizer to a friend or colleague?
The scoring for this answer is most often based on a 0 to 10 scale.


This survey was conducted April 2017


This survey was conducted during November 2015


This survey was conducted during September 2014


This survey was conducted during September 2013

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Survey History

send to Karen Coppock at TechSup on 2015-02-12

2014 Participant Survey

This survey was our first survey of all NetSquared event participants in all countries.

2013 Participant Survey

2014 Organizer Survey

2013 Organizer Survey