NetSquared Participant Survey Questions FY17

Tweaks for FY16

  • How did you find this NetSquared group?
    • meetup
    • TechSoup email or website
    • Other??
  • Marketing Automation”
  • Survey needs French and Spanish translations
  • Optional question on surveys to identify people who would be part of longitudinal survey questions following TechSoup impact format
    • follow-up with top leads for interviews following the best practices from Wesley. “Success Stories documentation”
  • Role: The “Other” category also collected 14% of responses. When we break this down we see frequent mentions of “design” “software developer” and “volunteer manager”. We may want to modify the categories next year to include these roles.
  • Budget: add extra categories for the under 1,00,000 budget
  • Eli: check document “Content Survey Draft 23DEC2015.docx” for more sample question sets
  • Q: how many staff of your organization? (we reached ## nonprofits and built the skills of ## staffers)

From Birgit
And the question about the person’s role in the organization has fundraising development and marketing, communication, social media separated. I think you might have one additional option in which both are combined. The Nonprofit Marketing Trends Report by Kivi Leroux-Miller shows that more and more organizations are combining the two and successes are higher in nonprofits that actually have it all under one department. Some might say for obvious reasons they should be combined<g> So a person who is in a department that doesn’t distinguish has to do a toss up and skews the numbers a bit…

Here is the link to the reports Infographic:

Webinar survey questions from Becky

Impact survey (3 months later)
Example from TSG libraries:

Another nice example of webinar follow-up, this time a three-month post-webinar survey from WebJunction. I can probably reach out to the WJ folks to see what kind of engagement they’re getting on these follow up emails and if they’re learning useful info?

  • 1. In which state or province is your library located?

2. Have you *applied* what you learned in the webinar?

Yes, significantly

Yes, somewhat

Yes, minimally

Not yet, but still hope to

Not at all

Please describe:

3. Based on how you applied your learning, have you seen a positive *impact* at your library, with colleagues, patrons, or the broader community?

Significant impact

Some impact

Minimal impact

No impact

Does not apply

How do you know? Please provide specific examples.

4. What additional information related to the topic of the webinar would help you take further action?

5. Toot your horn! If you have success stories to share, may we follow-up with you? Please provide contact information.


Email Address: