New Organizer Orientation

When new organizers emerge from the community, it’s best to have a set communication with next steps prepared.

The NetSquared team uses the following process for new organizer orientation:

  1. Organizer submits online form on expressing interest in starting a new group.
  2. Net2 responds with an email including (See full text below):
    • Welcome and thank you
    • Explain background of groups and why we hold them
    • List of resources that we provide (google group, wiki, conference calls, organizer handbook)
    • Talking about using or other platforms
  3. Set up a call to discuss questions and next steps
  4. Organizer responds with availability for a call.
  5. Have a call
    • Explain why net2 groups were formed
    • Q&A
    • Best practice around getting group started (ex: survey community)
  6. Organizer gets online group set up (ex:
  7. Get organizer set up with Net2 resources:
    • Give him/her access to google group
    • Give him/her access to wiki
    • add to organizer spreadsheet
    • add details to Google Map
  8. Do any promotion for them (net2news or blog post announcing new group)

Standard Net2 Organizer initial email text:

Dear ,

I’m so glad to hear you’re interested in starting a NetSquared group in your community.

NetSquared is a nonprofit organization focused on the intersection of technology and social impact, and the entrepreneurs and innovators around the world who work in that intersection. We provide a Community Blog where anyone can share projects or ideas. We also host innovation competitions throughout the year. The NetSquared Local groups, like the one you can set up, help bring local communities together offline to find out about the work happening locally, share ideas, learn together, and collaborate.

Group information:

We hope that getting a local group started is easy and I am here to help with whatever you need. We do not decide for you much about your events except we encourage you to keep them open to anyone interested in the topic to participate and that you focus on technologies for social impact (but within that very broad topic you are welcome to have speakers, presentations, discussions or anything else on any specific topic that your community wants). We trust that you know your community far better than we do, so trust you to create a group and hold events that match the community’s interest that we may not know.

To get started:

We provide a few resources for organizers, including
1. Google Group- as a way to be connected to all organizers around the world via email
2. Wiki – which you can use for sharing information, news, resources from your group with the other organizers, to access conference call notes, and so on
3. Organizers Handbook- this is a wiki-based tool that we are always adding to as a resource for organizers in our network and beyond

We also cover the cost for organizers to use the platform because we feel it is a good tool for organizing a group (it has functionality that allows members to join, share pictures and files, communicate in forums, email all members, and most importantly schedule events.). You can use another platform instead, like Ning, if you want (each platform supports different language options). We just request that you have an online space so that people can find you, learn about the events, join or sign up, and so on.

If you want to use
To get your Meetup group set up, you just need to email me your Meetup Profile URL (create an account or log in, then click on “Profile” in the upper right of any screen, just send the URL you get there). I can then create the group so that it is part of our account, ensuring you never get charged. Note: you do not need to create a group, only your own log in to the platform.