Nonprofit Cloud Adoption

This page collects two approaches you can use to host a presentation that helps nonprofits learn about the cloud, including Microsoft’s Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power BI. This event recipe focuses on Microsoft’s offerings but your event can provide an overview of the major cloud platforms that cater to nonprofits, including Google’s G Suite.

NetSquared organizers are eligible to apply for US$200 micro-grants to help cover event expenses. Events must be held before June 30, 2017. See the application form for details.

Event Specifications (general)

  • Audience size: 5 – 50
  • Venue: Office/meeting space, restaurant events room
  • Equipment: Laptop and projector
  • Timeframe: 60 – 90 minutes


This event can be delivered in several styles. Pick whichever works best for your local group.

1. View Video and Follow-Along

Play our recorded webinar and have the group follow-along using the slides and e-book.

  • Timeframe: 90 minutes
  • Audience: 5-50
  • Equipment: Projector, speakers, laptop, internet connection.

What you will need

  • Internet connection to stream Youtube video
  • Projector, laptop and speakers
  • Printed copies of ebook to distribute to attendees (print using project honorarium)

The e-book and slides can be downloaded below.

2. Presentation from a Local Expert

Recruit a local volunteer who can share their knowledge with your members. Maybe that expert is you! Feel free to adapt the format.

Topics could include: (these were all successful events for other NetSquared and Tech4Good groups)

  • Timeframe: 90 minutes (60 minute presentation and 30 minute Q&A)
  • Audience: 10 – 50 (limited by the format your choose and your venue size)
  • Equipment: Projector, laptop, internet connection

Recruiting Your Expert
Your community is full of cloud computing experts! If you’re looking to recruit an expert presenter try the following people:

What you will need

  • Internet connection
  • Projector and laptop
  • Printed copies of ebook to distribute to attendees (print using project honorarium)

Resources and Background Material

Key resources to to help with the presentation.

Video (Start at 5:00)
or download the .mp4 for online events