Organizer Survey – September 2013

This baseline survey of NetSquared organizers should be repeated frequently (at least once a year, ideally twice/year). The goal is to take the temperature of the community and get a sense of how organizers are doing. We want to identify what is working and what could be improved.

Additional questions can be added to each iteration to explore particular issues or areas of focus, but the baseline questions should remain for comparison’s sake.

A sample email invitation is here.

Survey Links

Core Questions

Group name
Let people know that they can leave this blank to be anonymous

Please rate your current experience as an organizer?
1-5 (1= awful, 5=awesome)

Do you expect you will be a NetSquared organizer in six months?

Optional : if No/Maybe please elaborate. [text response]

Please rate the following tools and supports in helping you as an organizer?
Rate each on scale of 1-5

  • Organizer’s handbook wiki
  • Net2 email list
  • Your group page
  • Group pages on
  • Blog on
  • Personal outreach by the NetSquared Community Manager (Eli!) by email/phone/video chat
  • Social Media promotion of your events
  • Community Calls and virtual office hours
  • Theme months (Social Media September, Digital Storytelling Challenge, etc.)
  • Other (if possible to add text to matrix

Option Are there other supports you rely on?

What’s working well?
text box

What could be improved?
text box

Additional comments

text box

Optional Questions for future surveys

Dropdown mapping to regions on

  • Africa
  • Asia/India
  • Australia/South Pacific
  • Central/South America
  • Europe/Middle East
  • North America

SCALE questions: Scale of 1(useless) to 5 (very helpful)

Optional motivation and personal survey

Why are you an organizer?

How long have you been on organizer?

Share story of best event?

We’re thinking about PROGRAM name? Would you want to be involved?

We’re thinking about these activities for the upcoming year? Please rank by your interest?