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The NetSquared platform

How best to incorporate the platform into a NetSquared camp event is up to the local organizer, but here’s our suggested workflow.

Event RSVPs

The platform is not a ticketing or registration system, so third-party tools need to be use to handle registration for the camp (see managing attendance)
Once your participants have RSVPed for the event it’s time to bring into the platform.

Inviting participants to create a platform user account

Send an email to registrants inviting them to create an account on the platform.

Sample email

Subject: NetSquared camp: what’s your current project?


Thank you so much for registering for NetSquared camp [YOUR CITY NAME]. This is going to be a unique chance to connect the social benefit community with the social technology community, but NetSquared camp is just one day, so to make the best use of our time together I’m asking you to registered on the NetSquared website. It’ll be quick, easy and help us get to know each other before we get together face-to-face.

The NetSquared website asks you to share one (just one!) need you have for your projects and one skill you have to offer. Go to to register.
Once you’ve created your account you can add a project you’re working on (could be software, meetings, a club,…. it’s up to you) which will gain you visibility that will help you find contributors and sponsors.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see you at NetSquared camp!

Need help?
How to register
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