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NetSquared Slide Decks

If you’d like to present on “What is NetSquared” or “What is NetSquared Local” at your first meeting, another conference/workshop/event, or share the slides on your meetup group, we have two you are free to edit/reuse. Please note that both have speaker notes added in to provide context and talking points for each slide.

What is NetSquared?

NetSquared October 2015.pptx

NetSquared Event Intro Slides


NetSquared event intro slides USA – updated May 2018 pptx.pptx
This slide deck can be used to introduce your event. The template includes the following:

  • What is NetSquared?
  • What is TechSoup?
  • Sponsors
  • Upcoming Events
  • Needs Parade
  • The latest from TechSoup’s USA catalogue. Products may not be available internationally.

We encourage you to add/subtract/edit these slides to fit your needs.


NetSquared Event Intro Slides International – updated August 2016.pptx