Promoting your Social Media Surgery

You have two audiences for your Social Media Surgery:

  1. Surgeons or Doctors (your experts)
  2. Patients or Clients (people who want help)

Recruiting Surgeons

You probably already know your surgeons! They might be past presenters at your meetup, friends or colleagues.

Potential Surgeons

  • Past presenters at your NetSquared group
  • Local consultants working in the nptech sector
  • Organizers at your local Social Media Club, HootUp, or other social media-themed group (Hint: search meetup)

Sample invitation to Surgeon
SUBECT: You’re clever! I need your help!

Hi there NAME,

I’m planning a Social Media Surgery on DATE and I want you to be a part of it.
What’s a Social Media Surgery? It’s a fancy name for an event where we offer one-on-one social media and digital campaigning help for local nonprofits and community-minded folk. Think of it as a free consulting session for a local group that’s limited to 30 minutes.

Surgeries are a great way to support local nonprofits in a clear and time-constained format. The time commitment is two hours (four 30 minute sessions.)

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like an expert – we’ll be doing some pre-matching of our “patients” (those needing help) and our surgeons (that’s you!) and the general skill level of the people we’re helping is low, so you’re gonna look like a wizard on almost any topic!

What’s in it for you?

  • You’re helping local nonprofits build community and supporters for their amazing work
  • You’re connecting with potential clients (if you’re a consultant)
  • It’s your chance to show off your skills!
  • It’ll be fun!

So what do you, wanna get involved? It’ll be fun! All you have to do is hit reply and say “yes” and I’ll take care of the rest.

P.S. Wanna learn more about Social Media Surgeries? Check out their webpage or the NetSquared organizer’s handbook.

Or check out this alternative surgeon invite written by Burlington’s Amanda Levinson.

Recruiting Patients

Your meetup group should be the key to recruiting patients, but you may want to reach outside your existing community. Finding a partner to host your meetup can work really well, especially if they already have a community.

Potential partners

  • Public Library
  • Community television and radio stations
  • Universities or schools

Meetup Event Description Template

Social Media Surgery: Hands on social media advice & help

Do you need a hand in learning social media basics, like posting photos on Facebook or writing a tweet? Or maybe you have questions about how to track the clicks on your links, or use Facebook Insights? Or maybe you want to chat with someone about your social media strategy? Or maybe you’re a social media pro yourself, and want to share your experience with others?

This month we’re doing something a bit different: a social media surgery. Started in the UK, the basic idea of a social media surgery is that it’s an informal event where anyone in the community with questions about how to use social media (“patients”) can come and sit down with someone who is more experienced in that area (“surgeons”, aka “doctors” as we would say) and get friendly, personal advice.

On hand to help answer your questions will be several of the Net Tuesday team who have experience using platforms and tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite,, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr.
It’s a bit like an unconference in that what happens at the event depends on who comes and what they want to learn about – so come with your questions. Anyone else who feels they have knowledge to share as a “surgeon” is also welcome and highly encouraged to attend. And because of the nature of the event, you never know what you might end up learning from one of the other participants!

If you’re curious to learn more about Social Media Surgeries, you can find more info here: here

Original event description by Tierney Smith of NetSquared Toronto.

Promo Materials

Getting the word out!

Social Media Surgery Poster

  • A customizable poster for your Social Media Surgery event!
  • There are handy blank form fields for you to type in all of your event details and print.

Social Media Surgery Event Flyer.pdf