Purpose Statement

What is The Community Organizers Handbook?The Community Organizers Handbook is the one-stop-shop for tips, tricks and how-tos for organizing local communities. It is a dedicated space for organizers to share back what they learn, ideas they have, and experiences that can help make other groups and other events even better. Pages include overviews, case studies from organizers in the field, and available resources to help you be successful. Anyone, anywhere can add to this wiki-based handbook.
We know that this space is especially valuable for the NetSquared Local organizer network because of the programmatic details included and many of the NetSquared-branded resources, but we hope it can be valuable for anyone looking for a guide to local organizing.

A Resource for NetSquared Local OrganizersThe NetSquared Community is a grassroots network of people interested in using technology for social change. We recognize that one of the best ways to serve our audience is to provide a local, offline connection point, which we call NetSquared Local. These NetSquared Local groups are organized by volunteers who are interested in taking a leadership role in turning the Net2 mission into a reality locally.
At Net2 HQ, we support organizers with resources, assistance, and other connections, but we believe the most valuable resource comes from organizers having access to each other and sharing between themselves. We encourage all Net2 Local organizers to learn from and share ideas using the Community Organizer Handbook.
We don’t plan for this handbook to ever be treated as “finished” since our network will continue to grow, organizers will continue to find best practices and lessons to share, and we hope that it can be a space that can grow with us.

A Resource for Community OrganizersNetSquared supports organizers around the world in creating community and making real impact. So why not share our resources, examples, and lessons learned to help anyone looking to do the same thing!
While our primary aim of the Organizer Handbook is to serve the Net2 Local community, we recognize that we aren’t the only ones working in this space. The more knowledge we can share, with more changemakers and organizers, the more we can all be even better!
If you want to join the NetSquared Local network, we’d love to hear from you. But if you want to use this space in your own work, we just ask that you help us continue to improve it – and we hope that’s a good deal for everyone!

Make use of this Handbook!This resource would not exist if it was not for the hard work and valuable experience of community organizers around the world. We hope that you can join them in using this handbook to improve community building and invite you to join us in the NetSquared Local network!