Reclaim your Domain

The Reclaim Your Domain initiative wants to make it easier for people and organizations to own their online identify.

Owning your own domain is super useful and insulates you from being trapped on a particular CMS or email host… But a domain can be tricky to set up.
NetSquared Local organizers can help bridge the gap by helping their members through the process of purchasing and setting up a domain.

Format: hands-on workshop for up to 20 people.


  1. Venue with internet access and a few computers (participants can bring these)
  2. Participants need to either own a domain or come with a name in mind
  3. Participants should have access to their DNS host

Net2 organizers guide participants through the following steps:

  1. Purchasing a domain name (if they don’t have one yet)
  2. Setting up their MX record
  3. Creating and setting up their email account. We suggest Office 365 or Google for Nonprofits because they are free for nonprofits (depending on your country).
  4. Setting up a website under their domain. and Tumblr both provide hosting options and are easy to use.

The event will go more smoothly if you deputize a few assistants to guide people through the process. đŸ™‚

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