Recruiting Event Producers

Your members may be reluctant to commit to being a permanent member of your organizing team, but everyone has something that they’re passionate about. Invite your members to co-produce a single event.

When you offer to support people with the venue and event logistics and don’t ask for a longterm commitment they are much more likely to say “yes”. And as a bonus co-producing an event is a good way to identify and test new potential co-organizers.

Thanks to Joyce Hsu of NetSquared Toronto for sharing her example.


SUBJECT: Got a great idea for GROUP NAME? Be a co-organizer for a session!


I’m in the midst of planning our upcoming line-up for GROUP NAME and I welcome you to help me plan too! If you have an idea to for an event or presenter, I can help you make it happen:

1. You have an idea (or better, multiple ideas) for an event. Maybe it’s a topic you’d like to learn about, or an area you’d like to speak about. You let me know and we’ll discuss whether it’s a good fit, and how it could work.

2. You plan the event and find speakers/panelists/material for the event, with lots of support from me along the way.

3. I put the event up on Meetup, promote the event and coordinate the logistics. People show up, learn something and have a good time!

Interested? You can read about the process in more detail here.

Send me an email at YOUR EMAIL HERE­­ and let’s talk!