Recruiting Partner Organizations for your Social Media Surgery

Social Media Surgeries are a great way for you to engage with local businesses and organizations.

NetSquared Organizers find that working with a single company makes the planning much easier and opens the door to future partnerships.

Partner companies like surgeries because it gives them a chance to build employee engagement, marketing their organization to the community and give back with in-kind philanthropy.

To make planning your events easier we’ve included some templates below.

1. One-page document outline the opportunity and benefits for a corporate partner

This document outlines the opportunity and benefits for a company to partner with you on a social media surgery. Modify the document to include your contact information.
NetSquared 1-pager 2014-07-10.docx

2. Email template for CSR managers to send to employees

This sample email can be used by HR, CSR or other staff to recruit surgeons from their company’s employees.
Social Media Surgery volunteer recruitment email template for Partner Organization.docx

3. To-do checklist for partners and organizers

This checklist outlines the main activities needed in planning your surgery in the four weeks leading up to the event.
Social Media Surgery Checklist 2014-07-29.doc

4. Thank you email for surgeons

This email template is for the CSR Manager to thank and recognize the social media surgeons who volunteered their time and expertise.
CSR thank you email template.docx

5. Surgeon Shift Sheet

Use this template to schedule your surgeons.
Social Media Surgeon Shift Sheet.docx