Regional Ambassadors February 2015

When: Thursday, February 5. 8:00 AM Pacific Time (find your local time here).
Where: Readytalk conference call (call-in info here)
Agenda and Notes:

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NetSquared Ambassadors Meeting #1

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Join us on the conference call (ignore the hangout!)

We are recording the call!


  • Elijah van der Giessen, NetSquared Community Manager
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack
  • Siddharth Bannerjee
  • Lewis Haidt, Senior Manager Community, TechSoup Global

Go around group.
Name, City, how you got involved with NetSquared

#15NTC Logistics
I’m keeping everything on the wiki at

  • Business cards?
    • need Net2 Ambassador cards? bph=yes; Sidd has 25 cards;  Print across the group.
    • Swag
      • other things useful?
  • Flights are booked for all
  • Transportation
    • to/from airport use SuperShuttle.
    • Let me know if you need me to book for you. Otherwise keep your receipts
  • Accomodations
    • March 1–8 in main house
    • Feb 27+ 28: alternate 3 bedroom house in Austin (address to be confirmed)

I’ll walk you through the week

March 2 and 3 – want more details?

  • Day 1: 
    • State of the union from Eli
    • Our stories
      • WHY we are NetSquared Ambassadors
    • Values
      • what are the core values of NetSquared
        • this is the start of a discussion that will then expand to all organizers and result in a NetSquared manifesto
    • Is NetSquared a real network? What does a strong network look like? How can we strength our shared identify and support for each other
      • organizer to organizers
      • organizers and TSG
  • Day 2
    • Chris: NetSquared and TechSoup future – where next?
      • Move to day ?
    • Ideas for monthly outreach to organizers
    • What can regional events look like?
    • Overview of engagement plan for #15NTC


  • Sourcing presenters – what about bringing people in by video
    • what about shared progrramming? and shared speakers list?
  • Follow the models of WordPress Community – BPH
  • The NetSquared website! – bring into network discussion
    • speakers directory?

NEXT WEBSITE – add to discussion
what if we started fresh with

  • Buddy Press?/Wordpress?
  • Nationbuilder?
  • Tumblr
  •  – is it our future?
  • Integration is the key

The conversation will bring up lots of new details. Pare down the agenda to leave room for spontaneous discussion

TechSoup at 15NTC (as shared by Lewis)

  1. TechSoup has low visibility with nonprofits – lots aren’t using TechSoup
    1. EVEN at 15NTC (which is an especially engaged, tech-saavy audience)
    2. Goal: drive registrations to TSG. Get people to share TechSoup with their nonprofit friends to get #TechedUp (sp?) with social media push
      1. details TBA
  2. TechSoup is in transition period – know us for VALIDATION SERVICESi and production/service donations
    1. Global directory of nonprofits – who is a nonprofit? TechSoup knows!


  • Eli to send you list of all organizers in your territories and intro email – Yayy! 🙂 
  • Organizers to map out monthly outreach plan with Eli
    • create a sub-group for your region?
      • Europe is one potential model (email/slack/hangouts
      • Australia/New Zealand is another model (hangouts)
  • Regional Gathering meetings – initial plans
  • How do we communicate between quarterly meetings
    • Email list? Yammer? Slack? Facebook group?
      • Birgit: Slack and Yammer has a record. And Slack has great integration.
        • FB has no record or export
      • Google Hangouts
    • Sidd: has been experimenting with Slack (Europe is on it)
  • Schedule our next group meeting

During NTC: WhatsApp

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