Regional Ambassadors Job Description

Regional Ambassadors Job Description #RegionalAmbassadors

NetSquared Regional Ambassador Pilot

This document was created for TechSoup Global staff, but is a useful overview of the Ambassador role for all participants.


TechSoup Global is launching the NetSquared Regional Ambassador Pilot Program this September. Ambassadors will offer mentorship and support to new and prospective NetSquared organizers. Ambassadors will be recruited from existing NetSquared organizers and TSG staff.
More details are on the wiki.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase the quality and frequency of NetSquared events
  • Recruit new NetSquared organizers into the network


Our current ability to support NetSquared organizers is constrained. The Community Manager doesn’t have the language skills, regional contextual awareness or connections to properly support existing and new Net2 organizers. Regional Ambassadors, by working closer to the organizers they support, will be able to improve TechSoup Global’s ability to offer meaningful support by surfacing local connections and understanding the local culture.

Time Commitment

Term: Ambassadorships will last from September 1, 2013- June 30, 2014.
We estimate Regional Ambassadors will dedicate five hours/month to their role.


The Regional Ambassadors will be expected to do the following:

  1. Create community of support for local organizers in your region- hold calls, answer questions, be a mentor
  2. Help promote existing Net2 Local groups in the region, helping organizers plan events, increase their reach and participate in theme months (Social Media September, Digital Storytelling, etc)
  3. Identify potential new Net2 Local organizers and work with the Net2 Community Manager (Eli) to onboard them
  4. Organize regional events- online and 1 face-to-face event (such as a Net2 Camp) over the course of the year. Funding will be provided for event costs .(This could be tied to an existing event, or it could be stand-alone.

Participation Expectations

  • Fill out monthly evaluation survey
  • Attend group meeting in Washington, DC the week of March 9, 2014
  • Attend minimum of 3/4 quarterly calls
  • Communicate with regional Net2 organizers at least once per month


Organizational Benefits
Supporting NetSquared Organizers in your region will offer you a great way to build relationships with highly influential community leaders. Additionally, being an Ambassador will help you:

  • Provide valuable face-to-face skill-building events in your region with NetSquared meetups
  • Offer a high-skill volunteer opportunity to your strongest supporters, strengthening their relationship with you
  • Help build your community both online and offline by inviting them to participate in TSG’s NetSquared
  • Integrate TechSoup programs so that the sum of our work is greater than the parts

Personal Benefits

  • Travel and education bursaries- a set amount (tbd) per year per Ambassador to be used for education and/or travel around technology and social change. There will be an application process for this.
  • Participation in an annual Net2 Ambassador face-to-face meeting/training, travel costs covered, (Probably to be held in March 2014 in Washington, DC)
  • Quarterly best-practices check-in call with other Ambassadors
  • Participate in Net2 Local program design
  • Invitations to speak at conferences and events (as available)