Regional Ambassadors – September to December 2014


  • shift years to the calendar year. January to December.
    • which means we extend the current crew for the next six months.
    • I’ll follow-up to see if anyone wants to drop off now.
  • possibility of extension for a second year in January


  • document best practices for regional gatherings
  • Regional gatherings – invite all Net2 organizers to submit proposals for smaller regional gatherings at existing events. – GET THIS OUT BY AUGUST


  • NTC gathering in Austin
    • Net2 and Tech Club full-day gathering on the day before NTC
  • identify alternative investment for Ambassadors who can’t travel to USA
  • Add fifth Ambassador to offer coverage for North America
    • Eli to cover west coast
    • new person to do east coast
  • General Regional gathering program continues


  • continue with monthly survey prompts
    • eliminate or find use for local activity question
  • Eli to send monthly internal NetSquared update to Ambassadors
  • smaller travel and event bursaries available for fall/winter, but saving the money for next regional gathering in March 2015. (TSG budget resets every July)


  1. of potential new leaders identified
  2. of new groups that are created and hold first event


  • at least one outreach to regional members each month
    • cheerleading and programming support
  • participate in theme month activities (3 times per year)
  • organize annual regional NetSquared gathering

Optional additional support

  • can help travel to new and existing groups to help with launch
  • help launch new groups
  • could phrase it as ‘travel bursaries available if applicable’