Regional Gathering Draft Agenda

What are the Regional Gatherings?

We have learned that the best way we can keep NetSquared organizers engaged is to bring them together for face-to-face meetings where they can share best practices and form friendships.

Goals of the Regional Gatherings

  • To create opportunities for NetSquared organizers to get together face-to-face during which they share ideas, challenges and avenues for future collaboration
  • To recruit new NetSquared organizers and encourage the retention of current organizers
  • To assist organizers in planning their upcoming events
  • To build relationships and a network of trust among NetSquared organizers

Agenda Template

The typical Net2 Regional Gathering is a half day long. Any longer and people get stir-crazy!
If timing and technology allows please try to Skype in the NetSquared Community Manager for a 15 minute hello and update from NetSquared/TechSoup.

Equipment: record notes on a whiteboard or easel pad

  • Introductions!
    • Name, city, how you got involved?
  • The Role of Organizer
    • Why are you an organizer?
    • What does your community get from having a Net2 group?
    • What’s working well in your group?
  • Events
    • What’s your best/most successful event?
    • New and classic event formats
  • Coffee Break
  • Follow-up & Engaging between events (membership retention)
    • newsletters
    • connecting people locally
    • Social Media
  • Marketing
    • Partners – venues, promotional partners, etc.
    • Other nonprofit tech groups
    • Finding the right speakers
    • Local sponsorship?
  • Co-organizers and volunteers
    • Do you have one?
    • How you recruited co-organizers and other volunteers?
  • what do you need to succeed?
    • What do you need?
    • What needs to be improved?
  • Break
    • Group photo and video testimonials (see below)
  • Event planning
    • See template and instructions below
  • Social
    • Take the group out for dinner and fun-times!

Testimonial Videos

Net2 co-organizer interview questions.docx
Use your phone to take two 30 second testimonial videos with each attendee.
Upload to youtube, tag with Net2, and share links with the NetSquared Community Manager

Event Planning Template

This document is used to help Organizers plan their upcoming events. This builds on the discussion of event formats in the first half of the day.
NetSquared Gathering Event Planning Template.docx

How to use document

  1. Print three copies for each attendee
  2. Explain that the goal is to do a quick brainstorm of possible events, using the sheets to capture ideas
  3. Model use of the template by showing how you’d fill it out with an event (you can use an event you’ve already planned for the example)
  4. Ask people to begin by filling out sheets by themselves (approx 10 minutes). Circulate to ensure nobody is getting stuck
  5. Then pair organizers into groups of 2 or 3 for feedback and improvement with peer input
  6. Bring the group together to have each organizer share their event ideas
  7. Take photograph of all event sheets and send to the NetSquared Community Manager for follow-up