Safer Internet Burkina Faso Report

Report Safer Internet NetSquared Burkina Faso.docx

      • of attendees: 15

October Safer Internet NetSquared Burkina Faso.**
Last Sunday 12th of October we have organized the event: Safer Internet for youth specifically girls for colleges.
The event has been set in restaurant “la foret” , around fifteen persons have been invited for the event.

  • Before I start the presentation I asked all the attendees to make a self-presentation
  • To explain if they use Internet
  • How they use Internet for

Between the attendees 20% didn’t use Internet, but will start to use it very soon.
The 80% remaining use Internet but not in the same level.
Some of them just use it for email & research
Some other is more involved in social Medias, and application like WhatApp, Viber, etc.
I did the presentation myself, and I defined 5 mains topics:
I. Presentation of Netsquared Network and activities
II. Presentation of AFT
III. Definition of Internet Security and Data privacy
IV. Types of threat:

  • Natural threat (Fire, Hot Temperature, Cold Temperature)
  • Human threat (Hackers, Virus, Phishing)

V. 5 things to do to protect

  • Secure the smartphones
  • Don’t overshare on social media
  • Use strong password
  • Beware of social engineering
  • Keep the software update

The presentation was really appreciated, and Girls take the commitment to start the sensitization around them and take commitment to change some bad habits to secure and safe usage of internet.
We have finished the presentation by Q/A , and also by the videos for the volunteers.
Here are the links of the video on you tube