Safer Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Safer Internet Frequently Asked Questions #SaferInternet

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Q: Is there a curriculum?
A: Nope. Any event you can dream up that focuses on the broad themes of online privacy or security is a fit. However, we will be providing a Tip Sheet that you can print off and give to attendees, and there are teaching resources available.

Q: What other training resources are out there?
A: Lots. Check these these:

Got other suggestions? Please add them here to the wiki!

Q: What’s this sponsorship all about?
A: TechSoup and Microsoft will be sponsoring NetSquared groups to hold “Safer Internet” events during October.
Each approved group is eligible for up to a US$100. Only the first 15 approved groups will be eligible for the sponsorship.
The sponsorship money can be used for expenses related to your event, including food & drink, venue rental, printing, A/V, etc. The funds will be distributed by [FILL IN THE DETAILS HERE WHEN WE KNOW THE ANSWER]

Q: What are the responsibilities that come with sponsorship?
A: We expect that NetSquared organizers do the following:

  1. Hold an on-theme event between October 1 and November 15, 2014
  2. Sponsor recognition to include posting the sponsor logos on your group page; at-event verbal recognition; and some tweet love
  3. Report on the following:
  • # of attendees
  • Topic and presenters
  • Distribute post-event survey (link to be provided by Net2 Community Manager) with the following questions:
    • Demographic info on individuals and organizers who attended
    • Answer the question “one think I learned was…”

Q: What Privacy and Security Events Have NetSquared Organizers Held?
A: If you’re looking for inspiration check out this list of privacy and security events previously organized by Net2 groups. Feel free to steal (or be inspired!) by their event descriptions, formats, and presenters.
Q: Is there a campaign hashtag?
A: Use the hashtags #ncsam (National Cyber-Security Awareness Month) and #Net2. Possibly also #Do1Thing (as part of Microsoft campaign)

Q: Why October?
A: October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so we’ll be part of a huge campaign. That helps the questions “why this?” and “why now?” We encourage you to submit you event to the National Cyber Security Awareness Month events calendar.

If you’ve already scheduled NetSquared events for October, we might be able to offer sponsorship of your event during the first two weeks of October. Check with us ‘tho! Email me at