Safer Internet Kenya Report

Net2kenya Safe Internet 2014 -Events Reports

Safer Internet day events were hosted in Net2kenya- four local networks the events offered one-one and group trainings within 4 local networks across net2kenya network.188 participants participated in the event process.
The events are as follows:
Local networks. Participants. Topic. Presenter

(1).Busia local network. 68. Internet and mobile technology. Priscah steno
(2).Mombasa local network. 48. Safer Internet. Irene Stella
(3).Kisumu local network. 40.providing Safer Internet and access for all. Chris O
(4).Kaka mega local network. 32. Digital revolution. Wanga David.

Net2kenya is committed on educating kenyan families about staying safer on line.leading to creation of WISE Program in net2kenya platform. Net2kenya gives more thanks to Tech soup global for the support they offered to facilitate the safe Internet events in Kenya.
Organizer Net2kenya.