Safer Internet Limbe Report

#of attendees: 6
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NetSquared Limbe
Safer Internet day Limbe Cameroon
NetSquared Limbe in collaboration with the Working Group on Women and Girls in ICT (WGICT) commemorated the Safer Internet Day event on the 30th of October 2014 from 3-5pm at the Limbe down beach.
The event brought together few women from civil society organizations and the press plus the Netsquared Ambassador for Africa, excel Asama making a total of six (6) participants. The low turnout was due to the heavy rain fall that poured on the coast of Limbe during the event time. We had no other option than to shift the event time 2hours after schedule.
BINJENJ Marie Grace Same, the organizer for Limbe Netsquared and Excel Asama sensitized the participants on basic online safety measures.
Including how to:

  1. Identify scammers and other cyber criminals,
  2. Prevent email box hijacking,
  3. Be free from online trafficking

This event also served as kick off for the local group in Limbe. The two facilitators presented the visions, missions and activities of both Netsquared and Techchsoup to the participants who were anxious to know exactly what the network is all about. Excel Asama also shared his experience in creating new groups in other parts of Africa.
At the end of the event, the participants took a DO1THING picture to demonstrate that they learned at least one thing.
Events pictures have been published online at:

  • Netsquared
  • BINJENJ SAME Marie-Grace
  • Excel Asama

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