September 16 2013 meeting notes


  • Eli van der Giessen
  • Glenn Farjardo
  • Sheetal Singh (first 10 minutes)
  • Joyce Bettencourt
  • Maria Zaghi
  • Stephen Blyth
  • Mel Findlater

Missing: Excel Asama – the internet was being a jerk.
Hope to have next time: Alicja Peszkowska

We started with intros by all the call participants, and Eli shared a bit of history including the Global Leadership Council.


Eli reviewed the requirements of the Regional Ambassadors – see the original agenda and the job description.
Ambassadors agreed that it all sounded seasonable.

Ambassador Support by TSG

Reviewed the support available from TSG and a suggested workflow.

  • NetSquared Camp application is now available. Ambassadors to lead the planning of a regional event before June 2014.
  • Reminded Ambassadors to book off the March 10 for training in Washington and 14NTC

What does mentorship look like?

Asked Ambassadors to share successful mentorship approaches.

What do organizers need?

  • A sense of community – someone to cheer you on. (Mel)
  • Someone holding you accountable
  • Ideas for inspiration
  • Events aside, the biggest outcome is to get organizers TOGETHER. Net2 is an actual network.
  • Soft touch – talking and organizing.
  • Topic sharing: Open Government and Social media sharing. (Maria)
  • Help people find new organizers . A sounding board and helping to listen. (Stephen)
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t create Net2 when something with a different name already exists. Informal connections. Spotlight those efforts and connect – don’t worry about the brand and format. (Glenn)
  • Regional resource: speakers database

There was agreement that it’s the soft skills of personal outreach and informal coaching through planning that is needed, rather than formal structures and hoops to jump through. Therefore I suggest we keep the contact with organizers informal and light as we proceed.

How should we communicate as a group?

  • quarterly calls
    • Be ready with a Readytalk call # in case Google+ hangouts fails
    • Try to record the calls for those who missed the conversation
  • Facebook group – we want informal communications, so we’ll try a facebook group instead of a Google Group email list
  • Eli to also send out email to group from time to time…. if need arises we’ll create an email list too.

Meeting in Washington, DC in March

The team suggested we walk the talk on mentorship and leadership. Therefore each Regional Ambassador will lead a 1 hour session during the retreat!


  • Book off week of March 20, 2014
  • fill out doodle for next meeting:
    • we will have Readytalk prepared as a backup
    • draft agenda – please add your items.
  • Join the Regional Ambassadors Facebook group:
  • Ambassadors:
    • Intro themselves to local organizers. Eli to provide contact list and notes. DUE: First week of October.
    • First survey in 3rd week of October
  • October theme: recruiting a co-organizer and other volunteers.