How we Communicate

Slack. You’ve probably heard of it – it’s the new hotness. You might even already be using it already (over 1 million are).

Slack is a messaging app for teams. It brings all your communications into one place, is super-searchable, and is web, mobile, and app friendly. I’m inviting all NetSquared organizers to join me in the new online slack community.

The Vision

NetSquared is distributed by design – we each moderate our own meetups, social media accounts and volunteers. And that isn’t going to change. But it does make it very difficult for everyone to participate in the global community of NetSquared organizers to support each other because we’re all over the place! By moving all our realtime and asynchronous conversations to Slack we’ll be gluing the NetSquared community together.

Join here:

We aren’t the only distributed community using Slack for their communications. WordPress moved to Slack (I strongly recommend you read the blog post explaining why and how they use Slack), as has the rapidly growing DataKind meetups. The Regional Ambassadors and I have also been experimenting with Slack for the last six months to ensure that it’s a fit for NetSquared.

Joining Slack

Enter your email in this form, check your email for an invitation, then follow the instructions to complete account setup.

Once you’re in the main channel is `#general` and if you have any questions, or want to create a new channel ask in the `”slack-help` channel.

How We’ll Use Slack

Group Conversation

Slack will be your place for asking questions about NetSquared, planning your next event, and connect with other group organizers.

The goal is for us to bring the discussion that’s been happening across personal email, the google group, facebook, twitter and more into one place.

But we won’t be killing the Google Group email list (see below).

City Channels

Many of us are already working with a local group of co-organizers to plan our events, but most of these co-organizers don’t have any interactions with the wider NetSquared community. Slack is now available to you as a tool for you and local co-organizers to communicate.

All you need to do is invite your co-organizers into Slack and then ask me for a group-specific channel to be created in the `”slack-help` channel.

What About Email?

Email is an unkillable beast!

We understand that some people may opt out of Slack. That’s why I’ll continue to add every new organizer to the Google Group and it will continue as the place we post announcements about things that everyone needs to see. But using Slack should reduce the amount of email.

What About the Facebook Group?

The Facebook Group will continue to be an option for organizers who prefer that platform.
There will be duplicate messages on the two “chatty” platforms, so there’s no need to be on both. Pick whichever tool you prefer.