Social Media Presence

Outside of managing your group on Meetup you will probably want to explore opportunities and best practices for promoting and marketing your group across the social media landscape. Some of the most popular ways to do this include Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You can find details and case studies from groups in the NetSquared network below.

Meetup also includes functionality to post events and/or your RSVP to events on other networks.

Promoting your event with Social Media

Social media can be helpful in building your group.

  • On Facebook and Twitter use the “@” sign to mention your speakers, venue and sponsors
  • Use twitter hashtags to reach new audiences.
    • Your city: #CITYNAME
    • nonprofit tech hashtags like #nptech #tech4good #apps4good etc.
    • topic hashtags like #edtech (education technology) #socialmedia #fundraising #philanthropy #volunteers More examples here.

Social media profiles

We encourage NetSquared organizers to create social media profiles for their group.

These online spaces provide a way for groups to elevate their profile online while enabling the NetSquared team to integrate ongoing community feedback into our program development efforts.

Suggested hashtags and profile names:

NetSquared maintains a twitter profile: @NetSquared and uses the hashtag #Net2

We share events and links from the NetSquared community and add NetSquared Local group profiles to our NetSquared Local list.
We encourage all groups to use the NetSquared hashtag (#net2) and also create their own hashtag or create a twitter account for their group.

#Net2[City Name] ie. #Net2Austin
@Net2[city name] ie. @Net2Seattle

NetSquared maintains a Facebook profile:
We share events and links from the NetSquared community and Like the pages created by local organizers.

NetSquared maintains a presence on Google+:
We share events and links from the NetSquared Local community.

NetSquared Local does not currently cultivate an active presence on LinkedIn.

NetSquared Groups on Twitter

Wanna keep tabs on the NetSquared community? Here’s how I do it on Twitter.

I maintain Twitter lists of the following:

Here’s a big boolean search for all the NetSquared group hashtags (updated July 22, 2015)
net2mtl OR
net2dc OR
net2camb OR
net2adl OR
Tech4GoodCLE OR
t4gDenver OR
SocinnYXE OR
phlnet2 OR
pdxt4g OR
npnchat OR
NetsquaredGT OR
Net2welly OR
Net2Vic OR
net2van OR
Net2Syd OR
Net2Ptbo OR
net2melb OR
Net2London OR
net2chi OR
n2btv OR
nct4g OR
mcrn2 OR
HNLTech4Good OR
501techNYC OR
501TechClubRI OR
501techbos OR
TechforSocialChangeBalt OR

501TechATL OR
501TechBOS OR
t4gdenver OR
NPneighbors OR
mnnptech OR
t4gswfl OR
501TechNYC OR
pdxt4g OR
501TechClubRI OR
nct4g OR
SeaTech4Good OR
net2van OR


Case Studies

There are countless case studies of local groups leveraging online social networking platforms to grow their list and build community. You can use compendiums like Social by Social or We Are Media to browse case studies and how-to information. Below are links to groups using Twitter and Facebook so you can look more closely at how they are using the platforms or connect directly.

  • Not having success with Twitter – Cambridge, UK – Claire Sale – I use Twitter personally and professionally all day every day, but I’ve found that the global community is much more interested in using Twitter than my local community is. We have a Twitter account for Net2Camb, but I would say it’s the least effective/active of our online spaces.
  • Twitter Hashtags & Lists – Chicago Net Tuesday – Gordon Dymowski – Although we had created a unique Twitter account, one of the challenges we had was in determining who would maintain the account. In that effort, what we decided was to emphasize use of our Twitter hashtag #net2chi. This allows anyone who is using a platform like Hootsuite, Peoplebrowsr, or Tweetdeck to track conversations around our meetup. In addition, many of our members use Twitter lists to organize users who have either attended Net2Chi meetings in the past and/or aggregate related conversations. Examples of Twitter lists include:
  • Google Plus – Chicago Net Tuesday – Gordon Dymowski – Although we had created a Facebook page to promote the site, we did not have the ability to moderate it on a consistent basis. Seeing an opportunity with Google Plus, we decided to create a unique page that would allow us to distribute and forward information in a relatively “free” environment. (Given Facebook’s privacy issues, we thought having a more accessible platform might be beneficial). The benefit is that, unlike Facebook, there is minimal need to “feed the beast” with content, and content can be shared within various circles. Our Net2Chi page can be found at – one drawback is that, at the current time, only one person can manage a Google Plus business page. However, this is more an experiment in learning how to use a social media channel to better inform and potentially engage an audience via a relatively non-structured network.
  • Using a website in conjunction with social media – NetWtorek (Warsaw, Poland) – Alicja Peszkowska – Since Polish is not a supported language on, Alicja uses multiple sites to promote her events, including a website/blog, Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter, Identica, and a local NGO portal called Her goal is to get the invite out to as many people in her audience as possible. Read her blog post on Net2 Local event promotion for further detail about her tactics.
  • Google+ and streaming events. We have a separate page on this wiki about these topics – here.

Available Resources