Social Media September and TSGN partners

This one-pager introduces TechSoup’s global network of partners to Social Media September.
Do you want easy, effective ways to help nonprofits in your country learn how to use social media more effectively? We can help you!

TechSoup Global is holding a “Social Media for Social Good” theme month in September 2013. The goal is to educate our core audience of nonprofits and to provide an open event format that TechSoup’s global community of partners and supporters can get involved with.

What does Social Media September look like?

Social Media September is a series of events held across the TechSoup Global Network with a focus on the theme “Social Media for Social Good.”

We can help you with user-friendly event templates and activities. We can help you hold easy-to-organize events. Through these events, you can deepen your relationship with the nonprofits you serve.

There are four different event formats we can help you with. They are all low-cost events that can help nonprofits in your country use social media more effectively.

1. Social Media Workshops or Panel Events

You can hold Social Media September workshops or panel events. We have a guide that helps you put these events together. The guide will also help you record and document your events.

Holding these events will help you connect face-to-face with your local community, better understand local needs, and share best practices.

2. Social Media Surgery

A “Social Media Surgery” is an informal, one-on-one, in-person help session that connects a local volunteer social media expert with a person at a nonprofit who needs social media help. We have a guide that helps you work with volunteer experts and nonprofits in your community to create these Social Media Surgery sessions.

Participating in this event will allow you to create one-on-one support to local nonprofits by engaging local volunteer experts on social media.

3. Global Tweet Chat

The Global Tweet Chat is a series of one-hour tweet chats on the theme of social media for social good. Tweet chats will be held in different time zones with TSGN organizers, and each host will facilitate a tweet chat on a different topic. The tweet chat will be summarized in a Storify at the end of the day.

Participating in this event will give you valuable content and engagement opportunities for your Twitter followers.

4. Virtual Social Media Surgery

This virtual event is a social media surgery held in a Google+ Hangout. Organizers will join TechSoup Global staff and partners in acting as “surgeons” and in promotion of the opportunity for nonprofits to be “patients.”

Participating in this event will allow you to offer one-on-one support to nonprofits across your entire community and offer your most engaged supporters with a way to volunteer for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to participate in all events?

A: No! Think of the activities as a “menu”. You can pick the events that valuable to you and the nonprofits you serve.

Q: Do I have to hold my event(s) in September?

A: You can hold your events whenever you would like. There will be more support available during September from TechSoup staff, but the Social Media September guide will be available on an ongoing basis and we encourage you to hold a Social Media for Social Good events during any month! 🙂