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Being a NetSquared organizer is awesome – let’s recruit some new members. Use the sample tweets and Facebook posts to recruit new leaders.

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Nonprofit tech is more fun together. Start a @NetSquared group & build a #nptech community #net2

Starting a @NetSquared group is your first step in becoming a #nptech community leader. Join us! #net2

Starting a @Netsquared group helps me meet all sorts of incredibly useful & inspirational people! U can too #net2

Think technology can change the world? Help it happen in our community. #net2 #Tech4Good #nptech

Want to make an impact and meet other change makers? Start a @NetSquared group in your hometown! #net2 #nptech

Share/learn #nptech with the @NetSquared community! Start a #net2 group in your city/town/village/hamlet!

Need to extend Tech for Social Good in your Community? Become a @NetSquared Local Organizer today

ooh ooh I know YOU want to start @NetSquared group! Check it out #net2 #Tech4Good #nptech

Become a @NetSquared Local Organizer today and Organize Technology Meetups for NGOs in your community


I started a NetSquared group so that I can build the tech capacity of local nonprofits. I connect the social sector with technology experts at our monthly events and I can see the impact I’m making. By joining a global network of nonprofit tech leaders I’m closing the digital divide. Will you join me by starting a group in your community?

Civil society NEEDS to be good at tech – the work is too important for us to fail to adopt the tools that will make us more effective. That’s why NetSquared exists. Every month our meetup organizers in 50 cities bring together the NGO and technology community to master the tools of the web. Will you join us as a group leader? Learn more at

With NetSquared, you can join a community of change makers and make a social impact. You can be the agent for change in your hometown by creating your NetSquared chapter.

NetSquared is a project of TechSoup Global ( which operates through Local Organizers to organize Non-Profit Technology Meetups for Social Good. To become a Local Organizer in your city or town, following this link:

It’s time we introduce you to NetSquared! It’s a free, casual get together where NGOs, funders and people interested in technology for social good can connect with each other and share ideas and tips. Learn about free and low cost tech tools, trends and best practices in the NGO community.


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