Storymakers 2014

Storymakers 2014

Note: this guide is a work-in-progress. We’re still filling in the gaps!

When: September 2014

What: NetSquared Local organizer holds an event during TechSoup’s Storymakers campaign that teaches local nonprofits how to use digital tools to tell their stories and advance their mission.

NetSquared will provide user-friendly event templates and activities to encourage Net2 organizers to hold events, deepen their relationship with their members and connect organizers with TechSoup Global’s free social media resources.

Storymakers is made up of several elements, each of which are opt-in. Let us know which parts you want to get involved with!

1. Digital Storytelling Presentation or Panel

NetSquared organizer holds a Storymakers-themed presentation or panel.

This guide that assists Net2 organizers with ideas and formats for holding a Story Makers workshop or panel event. The guide includes tips on recruiting a speaker, sample discussion questions, useful storytelling assets.

Learn more in the Storymakers Event Hosting Guide section and download the .PDF.

Find your local NetSquared-hosted Storymakers event here and join in the fun!!

2. Global Tweet Chat

NetSquared organizer hosts one hour of a global tweet chat.

When: September 4, 2014

The global tweet chat is a series of one-hour tweet chats on the theme of digital storytelling. Each host will facilitate a tweet chat on a different topic. The tweet-chat will be summarized in a storify at the end of the day.

Learn more in the Tweet Chat section.

3. Storymakers Contest and Educational Materials

NetSquared organizer invites local members to enter contest and shares educational webinars, blog posts and social media with their community.

Social Sharing Kit
Share these sample Storymakers2014 tweets and newsletter blurbs with your online community.

Our live webinar and workshop events are a great way to teach web skills, engage with our community, expand digital media learning, and empower story makers to make an impact.

Webinar links coming soon!

There are over US$13,000 in cash prizes available in the following categories:

  • Best Overall – $5,000
  • STEM/ Youth – $5,000
  • Super Short Video – $1,000
  • Newbie – $1,000
  • Audience Choice – $1,000

Learn more at TechSoup’s Storymakers site. The one-pager gives a good overview of the campaign and contest (see bottom of page)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to participate in all events?
A: No. Think of the activities as a “menu”. You can choose to participate in all or just some of the events. Pick what looks most decicious!

Q: Do I have to hold my event(s) during the Storymakers campaign dates?
A: You can hold your events whenever you’d like. There will be more support available during September from TechSoup staff, but this guide will be available on an ongoing basis and we encourage you to hold a digital storytelling event during any month! 🙂

Q: What is the hashtag for Storymakers?
A: StoryMakers2014

Q: How do I find out more about Storymakers?
You can email us at
or give the NetSquared Community Manager Eli a shout on Skype at elijah.vandergiessen

Q: Can you summarize the campaign in one page?
A: You bet! Download it here!

StoryMakers 2014 One Pager by Elijah van der Giessen