Storymakers 2016 Social Sharing Kit

Storymakers 2016 Social Sharing Kit #Storymakers2016 #Storymakers

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Storymakers 2016 Social Sharing Toolkit

Download a pdf of the toolkit here: storymakers2016-toolkit.pdf

#Storymakers2016 is here!

TechSoup’s storytelling campaign is dedicated to help nonprofits tell better stories. Please help us spread the word.

1. Key Links:

2. KeyDates

» April 4, 2016 — Submissions open
» May 31, 2016 — Submissions close
» June 1, 2016 — Judging begins
» June 15, 2016 — Community voting ends

3. Twitter

  • #Storymakers2016 is here w/ a new 4-part webinar series, a new ed curriculum & $7K in prizes.
  • Want to learn how to create your own digital video? #Storymakers2016 has a new curriculum to guide you. #NPtech
  • Storytelling = stronger #NPtech fundraising & advocacy. Submit a story. $7,000 in total prizes! #Storymakers2016

4. Facebook/LinkedIn

Around the world, stories matter more than ever. Learn how to increase your storytelling capacity for fundraising and advocacy. #Storymakers2016 will show you how to get started. Enter for a chance to win US $7,000 in cash prizes and a new Lytro camera.

5. Sample Email Blurb

TechSoup’s annual storytelling campaign, Storymakers 2016, teaches nonprofits how to create digital stories, showcase their great work, and build compelling assets to advocate and fund-raise for their causes. There’s a new educational curriculum, webinar series, global meetups, and Twitter chats to join. Enter for a chance to win US$7,000 in cash prizes and a new Lytro camera.

6. Sample Newsletter Blurb

TechSoup’s annual storytelling campaign helps nonprofits around the world use stories to showcase their great work and create compelling assets to advocate for their causes. This year’s Storymakers launches April 4 and runs through May 31, 2016, with plenty of events, an online curriculum, and resources to help you participate! Tell your organization’s story through video or photography for a chance to win.

7. Graphics

Campaign Overview:
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