Storymakers 2017 Announcement

Storymakers 2017 Announcement #storymakers2017

Guess what’s on the horizon fellow organizers? ….. On September 5, 2017, TechSoup will launch Storymakers 2017 campaign. Last year, our NetSquared organizers hosted a record number of organizers participate in Storymakers 2016. We want to break the record with Storymakers 2017.

For those of you who are new, Storymakers is a campaign focused on helping nonprofits and NGOs make short digital videos and photographs to tell their own story. TechSoup has run storytelling campaigns for the last seven years. Why? Because we know that digital storytelling is a powerful tool that helps NGOs fulfill their fundraising and/or advocacy goals. In today’s digital world, storytelling is a critical skill and empowers NGOs to better fundraise, advocate for their mission and increase their impact.

We are asking organizers to reserve the September month for Storymakers 2017. The Storymakers team, led by Lewis Haidt and Ale Bezdikian, will provide support to organizers with a tool-kit to organize your storytelling-themed meet-up. They are also available to help you find storytelling experts in your city.
Here are the main parts for our Storymakers 2017 campaign.

  • NetSquared Events: the Storymakers team is excited to partner with our NetSquared organizers and host storytelling events in September. Some organizers could also host a two-part series in September and October to engage storytelling capacity
    • Ale and Lewis are excited to support partners who are interested in creating a NetSquared event(s) in your city. We hope to surpass our 2016 line-up!
    • We are also in discussions with Adobe and AirBnB about sponsoring Storymakers 2017. While nothing is set, these are serious conversations and may result in additional resources to support global participation.

Additional parts:

  • Contest: Each year, there is a contest where NGOs submit stories and win cash prizes. Here’s our timeline:
    • Timeline:
      • Contest Opens: September 5, 2017
      • Contest Opens: October 31, 2017
      • Winners Announced: November 15, 2017
  • Education: TechSoup Courses has a thorough course with an introduction, pre-production, production and post-production lesson. We’re excited to migrate this to the TechSoup courses module and we’ll share these links as we get closer.
  • Judges: Is there a storytelling expert in your region with whom you want to form a relationship? Maybe they can judge our contest.
  • Social Media: TechSoup hosts “Around the World” Storymakers Twitter chats (see 2016’s). Interested organizers/chapters who are active on Twitter can host a one-hour Twitter-chat.
    • We will provide tutorials on how to host a Twitter-chat to all interested partners in the summer.

Again, we’re sharing this so that the campaign is on our organizers’ radar for your fall calendar and so we can start early in answering any questions.

The Storymakers team – Ale and Lewis – are free to answer any questions, so please email them with any questions.