Swag and Promotional Merchandise

Swag and Promotional Merchandise #volunteer

TechSoup Global and NetSquared have small swag (promotional merchandise) budgets this year. We wanna create some fun, useful TechSoup Global and NetSquared branded gifts for our awesome community (that includes you!)

But, as you know, there’s a lot of bad swag out there in the world. We don’t want to contribute to the awful!

That means I need your help!

I’m looking for three volunteers to help us select good swag.
Got good taste? Help me!

The Job

Look through two catalog sites and make some suggestions in a shared spreadsheet.


2 hours or so.


Tuesday,September 3, 2013

The Criteria

  • avoid items with sizing choices that will make inventory tricky (ie. T-shirts)
  • Max $5.00/item (TechSoup) and $25 (NetSquared)
  • Should have a practical use
  • Fun is preferred!
  • Two core audiences: 1) Net2 organizers (that’s you!) and 2)TechSoup corporate donors and granting organizers.
  • Should come from the catalog of e2 business gifts. TechSoup has a pre-existing relationship.


Enter your suggestions into the spreadsheet.
Be sure to indicate the Catalog and the page number.

Suggestion spreadsheet: http://j.mp/1d5tmFk

Note: when estimating cost/unit assume a minimum order of approx 100 units.
TechSoup order could go as high as 300 units.

The Catalogs


Hate everything in the catalog and have better suggestions from elsewhere? Include it with a URL to the item.

Next Steps

Once we have our working list we will shortlist it and take it to the NetSquared Organizers for voting and additional suggestions via Google Moderator.

HOWEVER, just because something gets the most votes doesn’t mean we can get it. Choices need to be approved the the TechSoup Communications team and the NetSquared Community Manager.