I’d love your participation in TechSoup’s April campaign. It’s called #TechedUp and we want to help more nonprofits get registered with TechSoup.

We have a shared mission as NetSquared organizers – ensuring that civil society has access to the technology tools, skills and community to allow them to succeed at their missions. TechSoup is there to provide access to the tools, but did you know that only 15% of nonprofits are registered? That means thousands of nonprofits are paying too much for their software, or aren’t using the available technology at all.

This is a problem we can fix! Let’s start with NetSquared’s members!
This April TechSoup’s #TechedUp campaign will invite eligible nonprofits, charities, foundations, and public libraries to register for TechSoup or our local partner so that they can become eligible for software donations. Registration is free and the average nonprofit saves $12,000 over the course of the membership.

Please RT this message or share with your members.

Campaign goal
Sign-up 100 new nonprofits (to be tracked with unique URL)

During the month of April 2015. The plan is to mention the event during our April event and then have us follow-up with the email 1 – 3 days afterwards.

How are we gonna do this?
The campaign has several elements:

  1. We’ll provide you a #TechedUp slide for your event introduction
  2. We’re written an email to send via your meetup group
  3. Social media support will also be provided

What do you think? Are you game? Are you super keen? If so you can re-tweet this message now!

Key URLs

Practical Considerations

  • If you don’t have a TechSoup partner in your country (yet) there’s no need to participate
  • I’ll reach out to each of you to find a good time to schedule the meetup message so that it doesn’t conflict with your other messages
  • Want to preview the email? It’s on the wiki page for the campaign
  • More about the savings that come from TechSoup membership:

Image for social media sharing
Download from Flickr

Draft Email
TechedUp Campaign Email for NetSquared Groups 2015-04-01.docx
TechedUp Invite to USA Groups