TechSoup Global Network

What is the TechSoup Global Network?
TechSoup Global Network helps social benefit organizations and charities outside the United States obtain donations of essential technology products, information and services. As of March 2012, it serves 37 countries.

What kind of support can I expect?
There is no pre-determined role for partners or Local organizers, but there are lots of opportunities that may be right for your group and the partner organization. Depending on the capacity, location, and resources needed and those of the partners, it may be appropriate to investigate opportunities for:

  • event or meeting space in the partner office
  • food or drinks sponsorship at events
  • partner staff organizing or co-organizing events
  • partners speaking about their work or other topics in the larger social technology and social impact sector that are appropriate and relevant to your local community
  • help promoting monthly events via the partner communication channels
  • help recruiting members or speakers
  • help organizing on a continual basis

How do NetSquared Local groups work with TSGN partners in other countries?
In London, the local partner (CTT) provided space when the group was getting started and has sponsored some events to cover the cost of food and drink. Fundacja TechSoup. In San Francisco, for example, TSG provides a consistent and free venue for the Local events to take place, promotes events on Twitter and internally to staff. Partners in Canada, Poland, South Africa and Taiwan host NetSquared Local events.

How do we get connected?
You can connect with a Local group by visiting

Amy Sample Ward is the NetSquared Community Curator and is happy to make direct introductions between NetSquared Local organizers and TSGN partner staff – you can email her any time at