Transferring Money Internationally is Hard

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Fill out this form to help make the transfer of funds go smoothly:


Wire Transfer: bank-to-bank

Bank-to-bank transfer. This is one of the more expensive options, but goes directly to your bank account. . I will be sending via Vancity – see info here.

Wire transfer form
Wire Transfer Template form for TechSoup.doc

Typical fees: $20 by sender / variable fee for recipient ($5+)

Information Required:

  • Recipient’s bank information: bank name, complete address, and Swift code
  • Recipient’s personal information: name, complete address, and account number


Cheap and easy. BUT NOT ALL COUNTRIES SUPPORT PAYMENT OR ALLOW WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS. Be sure to confirm Paypal support for your country.

Information needed from recipient: Email address

Western Union

Global network of locations for pickup.
Sender: Online
Receiver: local agent
Typical fee: $20

Information required by recipient: Your receiver must show valid identification and/or the correct tracking number (MTCN) (to be provided by NetSquared)


Global network.
Sender: Canada Post locations (no online transfers from Canada)
Receiver: local agent
Typical fee: $10


Global network
Sender: local agent office (no online transfers from Canada)
Receiver: local agent
Typical fee: $10