Using Websites

All organizers are welcome to post on the community blog at Email and we’ll issue you an account.

But if you want your own identify for your group you’re welcome to create your own website or blog.

Case Studies

  • Using Drupal – NCTech4Good (Triangle, NC, USA) – Judy Hallman – We’re using Drupal with the Conference Organizing Distribution on, primarily for our annual conference.
  • Using WordPress – Cambridge, UK – Claire Sale – We’re using a WordPress blog to promote our events and help grow the community. We’re also inviting community members to write guest posts on the site to promote their own events or initiatives that may be of interest. In this way, the NetSquared content is balanced out by community-driven content. I like wordpress because it’s free and easy to use.
  • Using a website in conjunction with social media – NetWtorek (Warsaw, Poland) – Alicja Peszkowska – Since Polish is not a supported language on, Alicja uses multiple sites to promote her events, including a website/blog, Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter, Identica, and a local NGO portal called Her goal is to get the invite out to as many people in her audience as possible. Read her blog post on Net2 Local event promotion for further detail about her tactics.

Available Resources

  • Use the NetSquared styleguide, logos and badges to add visuals to your online presences
  • Boilerplate language is available (ask

What isn’t Covered

NetSquared and TechSoup are unable to help with the following:

  • Hosting and hosting expenses
  • Domain name registration fees