Volunteer Job Descriptions

See the Managing Volunteers section of the wiki for more templates and workflows.

All you need to manage a NetSquared group is you as host! But these additional volunteer roles may be helpful as you grow.


Event Listings

One volunteer is tasked with submitting each of our events to a variety of free event listing services around town (blogs, newspapers, community calendars, etc.).

Social Media Promotion

Write a series of promotional tweets and Facebook posts that can be posted to the group’s social media accounts, distributed to the event’s speakers, and used by your group’s volunteer crew.


Early Setup

2-3 people arrive at the venue at two hours before the event begins to set up and test AV equipment, put up posters, arrange seating, prep the food and drink area, and get the welcome table ready.

Welcome Table and Registration

At all times we try to have someone staffing the Welcome Table. At the beginning of the event, there are at least two people there and later on, usually one.

They greet people as they come in, gently encourage them to make a small $5 donation to cover our costs (if your group collects donations), give them a nametag to fill out, and mark them off on the RSVP list. If possible, we try to find out which organization they are from, and how they found out about the event.

Event Host

Welcome people to the room, introduce the speaker and make sure the event runs smoothly. Speaking notes are here.


The lead photographer is responsible for taking photos during the event, selecting the best photos to post to our event pages, and posting them on the NetSquared Flickr group and tagging them with “Net2

We generally ask that the photo volunteers shoot with a good camera. Non DSLR cameras often can’t get good enough photos in low light situations without a flash.

  • Make an announcement to let people know if they do not wish to appear online
  • We suggest that you ask your photographers to make their work available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

Live Tweeting

We aim to have at least two live official tweeters at the event. Ideally, both are using a laptop rather than a phone or tablet. One tweets primarily quotes and comments, while the other can post more complex information like referenced links, information from previous sessions, videos, photos, etc.
If we have more people, we encourage them to live-tweet on their personal accounts.


If you’re providing food at your event

The food volunteer is responsible for food and beverage delivery and management. They will either make the purchase (funded by donations or sponsorship) or manage the potluck.

Icebreaking / Greeting

Any volunteer not assigned a formal task is asked to do some informal Icebreaking and Greeting.
They can approach anyone who is looking lost, lonely, or uncomfortable, to try to make them feel at home. There is no formal script to follow, but they are expected to act as ambassadors for NetSquared Victoria. They should know today’s topic and upcoming and recent ones too.
These volunteers play one of the most important roles. Event attendees may not even know they are “working”. Along with the Needs Parade, the Icebreakers are our primary volunteer recruiting tool.


Coordinating Post-Event Social

Someone plans a simple get together after the event. They are responsible for picking a location close by (ideally not to expensive, with decent food and local beer), making a reservation, and ensuring that even if the group is running late, someone gets there in time to snag our table.
With a talk ending shortly after 7, we usually make it to the pub by about 8 or so, following the mingling and hanging out at the venue.

Event Reporting

Document the key learnings from the event and the photos, social media buzz, slides and other digital ephemera. Possible formats include:

  • Blog post summarizing the event (for posting to NetSquared.org or elsewhere)
  • Storify collecting the event’s social media conversation

See the Documenting Your Event section of the Organizer’s Handbook for more tips and hashtags.

A huge thanks to NetSquared Victoria co-organizer Dan Pollock for sharing his volunteer role descriptions and inspiring the creation of this section.